Brenda Rix(non-registered)
Your photographs are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I plan to look at your calendar and gifts.

I live on Hammersley Inlet near Arcadia Point and am looking to volunteer with a group that asks for help tracking wasting sea stars and the sea star babies that are trying to emerge in Puget Sound.

Keep up the pictures of all wildlife! Love it
Linda Novakovich(non-registered)
What an awesome opportunity to live in this beautiful area. I had the privilege to visit some very dear friends on Camano Island a year ago. We visited Friday Harbor and ever since, I've dreamed about relocating to that area or spending a month or two on one of the Islands. Unfortunately, the Orcas did not cooperate and show themselves anywhere for us!!! We did get some good Eagle sightings though.

Later that year, we cruised to Alaska and didn't get any good whale sightings there either, only fins now and again.

I am an artist and have done quite a few seascapes, living not too far from the Oregon coast, and a few Orcas from photographs.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful work. Love all the animals.
judy creason(non-registered)
beautiful photos! thank you for sharing with those of us less talented with the lens.
Patricia Banks(non-registered)
Your orca photos are just stunning!! I've adopted an orca from K pod and I am thrilled about it. You are so lucky to live where you do & see the wild orcas first-hand. Someday I hope I can see them, too. You are very talented!!!
Cindy Wesch(non-registered)
Monika, your photos are amazing! Amazing! I can't imagine how many hours of sitting and waiting it took to get all these shots. You must have a fast eye and a very fast lens! Most impressive work.
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